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Welcome to the Adelaide Emmaus Community website.

Our objective is to inspire, challenge, and equip local church members for Christian action in their homes, churches, communities and places of work.

Join us in a journey with Christ filled with love and grace, revealed to you through other believers.

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Welcome to the Adelaide Emmaus Community

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Mostyn Krollig

Community Lay Director
Welcome to the Adelaide Emmaus Ministries Community website.

Where, through a range of ministries, we have an opportunity to show God’s love and caring.

Walk to Emmaus

The Walk to Emmaus is a spiritual renewal program that thousands of people around the world have undertaken to renew their heart, mind, soul and strength.
The program’s approach richly models the servant hood of Jesus and encourages Christ’s disciples to act in ways appropriate to being “a servant of all.”

Face to Face

Face to Face is specially adapted to meet the needs of Men and Woman 60 years and over and/or those who cannot cope physically with a Walk to Emmaus program.

There are 8 sessions structured in a flexible way. Face to Face will strengthen your spiritual life as well as that of your family, friends and Church.
Member 2

Colleen Brooks

Community Spiritual Director
Adelaide Emmaus Ministries Community, a space to find spiritual nurture and support through God’s amazing grace. Welcome.

May you continue to be encouraged, and an encouragement on your journey.


  • "My Emmaus Walk was wonderful: spending three days with God and a special group of Christian women ... blessings upon blessings."
  • "Emmaus is a great training ground for disciples, both pilgrims and those who return as team members. It has certainly helped God get through to me over the years."
  • "My 4th Day has been mountain-top, low valley, as life often is. Knowing God walks with me through the good and the bad makes the journey possible. Every day with Jesus, is sweeter than the day before"
  • "A ‘mountain-top experience’ is indeed a great way to describe Emmaus. I couldn’t have imagined how much I needed to hear and spend time with Him. So many laughs and tears, but always with God’s loving arms wrapped around. Never do I feel alone, as He is always with me."
  • "Since my Walk, I have recommitted my life to Jesus. I have been in various roles on team and have become more involved at my local Church and my faith is continually being challenged and grown. DeColores."
  • "After being told numerous times ‘Don’t Anticipate’, Adelaide Walk #43 was truly a memorable spiritual and social 3 days. Since then, I have been privileged to be on several teams in a variety of roles and find involvement to be continuously uplifting and joyful."

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Prayer Vigils!

Hands and Heart 


Please support your Emmaus Communities in Prayer!

Prayer Vigils!

Hands and Heart 


Please support your Emmaus Communities in Prayer!