Blessings to all in this New Year. Our Emmaus Calendar is again, full of ways to be a blessing to others. A newBoard is in place, teams for Face To Face and Emmaus are being formed, Gatherings organised and the workof the Lord is ‘moving in this place’.

So my encouragement to you is to slow down where possible, and to pay attention to who and what is all around you. Giving someone the gift of your undivided attention may by life-giving for them, and you might even learn something yourself.

We are well on our way into the 2019 Emmaus calendar so far. It is a ‘busy’ year, but also a ‘blessed’ year, as we dip-our-toe into Face To Face and continue on the great work of our Emmaus walks.

Prayer Vigils!

Hands and Heart 


Please support your Emmaus Communities in Prayer!